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Born in Manheim, Germany, in 1920, he moved with his family to France where he lived from 1933 to 1947. In World War II, he served as an active member of the French resistance against the Nazis, and was in charge of the realization of many dangerous missions. He moved to the United States in 1947 and lived there for the rest of his life. Don René died, at the age of 86, in the city of New York in August 2006.

Don René, as a man, was an extraordinary Citizen of the World, traveled all over the world, seeking to leave an indelible mark on his contribution for a better quality of life, he knew how to do good in all the countries he visited. It was characterized by being and acting, with a high sense of ethics, justice and transparency. He rested on basic values ​​and was a model to follow, always linked to the principles of law and justice. In him, greatness and justice always came together. Don René had great clarity and an energy that injected everyone who was related to him.

As a professional, Mr. René was a successful man, a professional in the field of Real Estate, well known and respected in the real estate world in Manhattan. Of German-French origin, by his parents, he lived and worked in New York as a successful real estate broker. He created the Real Estate Career at the University of New York, former president of the World Trade Center and, in addition, was a permanent member of the “United Nations Habitat Commission”.
Since 1952, he spent an active life in various aspects of the real estate profession becoming the Honorary Vice President of the International Federation
of Real Estate Professions (FIABCI), as well as the president of the Global Housing Foundation, an initiative created in collaboration with the United Nations -Habitat.

He was a partner of Jean-Marc Levet & Partners, one of the most prestigious real estate and property management companies, which was founded in 1785, today known as Levet & Partnes, a leading company in Manhattan and Shanghai. He was an accomplished author of real estate issues, whose work was widely recognized by the world press. It was consummated as a real estate consultant for the US Department of State, where the interest in obtaining his opinion guaranteed him a permanent place in the US Congress Registry.
But his activity was not limited to the United States; as a member of the FIABCI (International Federation of Real Estate Professionals) he traveled constantly to the five continents, where he tirelessly sought options for decent housing for citizens of different countries. He was one of the founders of the FIABCI Scholarship
After retiring and seeing the poverty of our Central American countries, he decided to create the Global Housing Foundation, a multilateral initiative between FIABCI and the United Nations whose mission is to offer housing to homeless people throughout the world using the resources of the sectors public and private, allowing the progress of the projects of the United Nations Commissions UNCHS and UNDP.
He saw his life crowned with several awards: Prize 2002 – Scroll of Honor of the United Nations-Habitat. FIABCI recognized its work by naming the Real Estate Excellence Award, René Frank Award, as well as the FECEPAC member countries.
René Frank left an important legacy to our Countries, and for this reason The Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers nominated him for this award for life and paid homage to him, the last of them in life on June 30, 2006, when He gave his name to the training rooms of the Entity.

The purpose of this activity is to encourage real estate developers to build better developments every day, always thinking of the best welfare of users and the country in general, respecting the needs, tastes and customs of the inhabitants, the ecology, the environment, health, cultural heritage, the mobilization needs of people with disabilities.

We invite the developers to get closer with the real estate brokers affiliated to the CCCBR, professionals who will be able to give their valuable help, both in the beginning of their projects, and in the sale of the same; contributing his experience for the adequate planning to the needs of the market to which the project is directed.

Through the real estate brokers members of the CCCBR, developers can submit their projects to compete for the Real Estate Development Award René Frank.

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