Improvements in the Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raíces

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Improvements in the Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raíces

  • 06 June, 2018
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New administration of the Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raíces successfully completed its first semester and shows great expectations for the future.

José Miguel Porras.

President of the CCCBR

Last August the first six months of having assumed the new Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers, an organization that today lives an environment full of positivism and expectation for the large number of positive changes that have come Implementing for the benefit of the official real estate brokers and the healthy real estate market of the country.

The management of this Board of Directors has concentrated on transforming what had become a small chamber of real estate brokers, until it became a vigorous organization with more than twice the number of official brokers that it had last year.

Thanks to the effort and disinterested support of a group of official brokers who collaborate with the Board of Directors, plus the hiring of new and trained administrative team, now the Chamber of official brokers is governed by the most modern and effective rules of corporate governance, controlling with accuracy and transparency all processes, from administrative to financial, human resources and others, allowing an exponential growth in the number of active associates, both by former associates who had left the Chamber in previous periods, and by part of new official brokers who want to enter the national real estate market by sponsoring under the confidence that is again projecting the CCCBR to the market, under this new administration.

The CCCBR fulfills the social function of providing those interested in selling a property with a list of the official brokers who work in the area in which the property is located, a free contribution for the citizenship that gives the members of the Chamber the same opportunity. same for the sale of properties. In addition, the Chamber is governed by a strict Code of Ethics, which applies to all associates, and if a citizen feels affected by the attitude of an official broker, we receive his complaint and after carrying out due process, if valid the complaint the associate could even get expelled from the Chamber.

We are also committed to the approval of a bill to support the associates in their daily work and protection of the citizens against those many unscrupulous people who pose as real estate brokers without really being.

For the associates we are implementing a series of direct improvements, such as updating the website, the facebook and the MLS Network, in order to provide crystal clear to all the associates the information corresponding to the properties for sale.

We are also in the process of offering official brokers a wide range of insurance of various types, with the best coverage and the most advantageous rates in the market.

In addition, various inter-institutional agreements are being processed to provide associates with greater facilities and the opportunity to do better business, as well as greater security when working with the properties of both public and private banking institutions, among many other benefits.

For better work and attention to the public and associates, the equipment was modernized in the central offices and the facilities were remodeled and conditioned.

All this management allows the institution today to generate an operating surplus for the first time in a long time, which allows us to continue providing better services to our associates.

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