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Following are the necessary requirements to be a member of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers

1) Training course given by the CCCBR. (Copy of certificate)
2) Signed attached application, with all the required information.
3) Three letters of recommendation from associates of the CCCBR or 5 letters from people of recognized moral standing not affiliated with the CCCBR. The letters must come with different formats and with the phone number or email of the person making the recommendation.
4) Copy of the bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education or equivalent or another of higher education or the higher obtained. If it does not, it requires a special evaluation by the Board of Directors.
5) Two passport-size photographs.
6) Be a natural person:
If you are Costa Rican:
– Be of legal age.

– Photocopy of the identity card.

– Be in full exercise of their civic rights, in accordance with the laws of the country.

If you are a foreigner:
– Be of legal age.

– Photocopy of the residence certificate per day.

– Demonstrate that you have legal and permanent residence in the country, with the corresponding permission to work in any activity, granted by the corresponding government entity (indicating the date on which it was granted).

– Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the country’s legislation, especially as regards commercial matters.

7) Daily crime sheet.
8) Not have pending or condemnatory judgment before the Courts of Justice, for offense in the exercise of its commercial activity, or to the detriment of the public trust of the property administration.
9) Not having been found guilty by the corresponding bodies of the Chamber, for complaints filed against them for breach of their Statutes, Code of Ethics and Professional Ethics, regulations or evidently dishonorable acts.

    Adjuntar Documentos

    Curso de capacitación impartido por la CCCBR. (Copia de certificado)* 0 Archivos
    Solicitud de Ingreso adjunta firmada, con todos los datos requeridos* 0 Archivos
    Tres cartas de recomendación de asociados de la CCCBR o 5 cartas de personas de reconocida solvencia moral no afiliado a la CCCBR(Todas deben ir en un mismo archivo de word o PDF)* 0 Archivos
    Copia del título de bachiller en Educación Secundaria o equivalente u otro de estudios superiores o el mayor obtenido* 0 Archivos
    Fotografía tamaño pasaporte* 0 Archivos
    Fotocopia de la cédula de identidad o cédula de residencia al día* 0 Archivos
    Hoja de delincuencia al día* 0 Archivos

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