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Intuition in Real Estate sales

  • 06 June, 2018
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On Thursday, June 16, the Business Center of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) organized an activity where the lecture “COACHING FOR REAL ESTATE COMPANIES” was given by the lecturer and coaching, Lic. Milton Rosales.

It was an extraordinary exhibition that, among other topics, covered the intuition that real estate brokers must have, an issue that made me reflect, given that my academic training was always oriented towards rational thinking, which in my opinion is not very compatible with the intuition.

Then I began to think about how I had applied intuition in more than 16 years of experience in this profession, and came to the conclusion that intuition had been present in many of the businesses I had done.

For example, I remember once that I was renting an apartment on my property and I told my wife that although the client had rented it gave me a bad feeling, but I still rented it. Then she asked me if I had done the tenant’s previous investigation including her credit analysis, which she had done. But with everything to the six months I began to have problems with the tenant, to which my wife referred that when she felt a bad sensation on a possible tenant, she simply did not rent to him, period.

I wonder: is that intuition ?. It is possible that yes, but let’s see how “intuition” is defined by the Vox Dictionary: “Immediate knowledge of a reality or an idea without the intervention of thought or reason”. And he gives the example of a person who said: “I can not explain how I knew, I just know that I had the intuition that you were in trouble. On the other hand, at a colloquial level, intuition is synonymous with foreboding or gut feeling “.

Given the above concepts, it is worth asking: can intuition be applied to sales in real estate? I would say yes, and that reminds me of my first years in this profession, when I met a potential buyer who I “walked” for more than 4 months, and never bought anything.

Today with the knowledge I have in real estate, I am convinced that with one or two visits to see properties, I can intuit the client’s interest and potential, and avoid unnecessary waste.

And as part of the strategy, apply the best real estate sales techniques, starting with directed questions, to help “intuition”.

Based on this idea, we conclude that intuition takes into account data, takes information from the situation and relates it to our experiences and knowledge. And although it seems that the conclusion is not rational, the important thing is that it leads to a good decision, although we do not know why …

To conclude, I recommend all members of the CCCBR, when they are going to capture a property or meet with a client to show a property, take a few seconds to ask what their intuition is about the business … Those seconds can save you hours.

If you have had similar experiences, share them.

MBA José Miguel Porras M.


Cámara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raíces

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