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The professional broker: Synonym of security

  • 06 June, 2018
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The ethical and moral values ​​that govern the Cámara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raíces (CCCBR), are reflected in the performance of their Professional Brokers.

Nowadays, when security is so important, the moral principles that professional real estate advisers possess are one of the most powerful tools they have, since clients seek to conduct their transactions with the confidence and support of professionalism and care in your investments.

Being a real estate broker at the CCCBR, is more than successfully closing a deal. This profession must be focused not only on ethics, but also on having the education and courses provided by an Institute duly certified for the teaching of the brokerage. In addition, constant training is essential to be updated with the latest information from the real estate market.

A Real Estate Advisor is not a seller, he is a counselor who must know what he wants and what he has to be able to offer it.

When people come to our Chamber who want to be brokers and belong to our association, and are asked what motivates them, the answer is a common denominator of adjectives such as security, trust and support, among others. That same alliance is what we seek to be reflected in our advisors, since they must represent the formality that the CCCBR gives to the activity of the brokerage.

Given the complexity of buying, selling and / or renting houses or properties, it is usual for interested parties to seek the help of a real estate broker, or advice from a real estate professional to perform this task. The reason why they usually look for a specialized broker is due to the assurance that the consultant will work in a responsible manner, while the Chamber will guarantee a faster movement to the property, thus collaborating with the client’s interest in contracting the service. .

Another advantage and support that comes from having an official Chamber broker is how well informed our professionals are in the real estate market, from the realization of appraisals, updating of market prices, and even geography aspects and the communities surrounding the property, including crime rate, nearby educational centers, proximity to banks, stores, supermarkets and other services that are necessary for social development.

In addition, the professional real estate consultant will guide you on financial issues by providing financing options with the different types of mortgages available, government programs that can benefit you, zoning, as well as legal or natural threats that you may find in a property.

When a person contacts a broker of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers, not only contact an adviser; contact 41 years of support and experiences, 41 years of ethical principles and values, 41 years of transparency and loyalty.

That is why we believe faithfully that our work is governed by a clear and fair process for all. Our greatest reward is the tranquility and satisfaction we feel in every hand shake of a happy customer.

MBA José Miguel Porras Mejía, President

Cámara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raíces

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