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The real real estate broker

  • 06 June, 2018
  • By Admin: deryan
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The Real Estate Broker must be a professional seller, consultant, agent, technician and real estate consultant, but above all be a professional with principles, aware that more than real estate, sell illusions, hopes, dreams and dreams of people.

Going deeper into the concept, you can define the Real Estate Broker as the professional that helps the client to buy, sell and / or rent a property, and also advises on the topics related to the property and the purchase and sale .

The main function of the broker is to be objective and to look after the interests of both parties, that is, by the selling owner and the buying client, when he is attending to both, as well as advising, providing truthful information, and being a facilitator of real estate transactions.

This is the philosophy that we inculcate, project and defend, in the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

This is a profession that should only be exercised by trained people, such as those associated with our Chamber, which ensures constant and updated training for its members.

Among the advantages of being a Real Estate Professional Broker, we can highlight the knowledge you have of the market based on the relationships you promote with other professional brokers and with customers.

In addition, professional brokers -which are only members of the CCCBR- have various resources and tools to facilitate their work and guarantee the best results in the best conditions for the clients, as are the contact networks that we facilitate in the camera, including our MLS network.

It can be said that the key to success for these Professional Advisors is based on four general pillars:

Understand clients, their needs and desires, in what the Chamber provides advice.
Know and provide all the information of the market that deals with it, both in terms of prices, products and features, in order to offer its customers a wide range of options, in which the Chamber provides assistance to its members.
Knowing the client’s needs, help him find the good that really satisfies him.
Work in a fulfilled and responsible manner, to receive proportional fees.
With these elements a circle of satisfaction is created where everyone wins and the Professional Corridor is motivated to continue working and find more satisfied customers.

For the Real Estate Broker it is important to have personality aspects that will facilitate your foray and success in this business.

It is undeniable that clients always value ethics, courtesy, honesty and openness in any Professional Corridor; that is why it is important that the Runner always cultivates these qualities.

Likewise, customers value if their Real Estate Advisor has the necessary knowledge in the market, valuations, financial, legal and human behavior aspects, since these professional criteria will be a guide to satisfy their real estate needs.

The Professional Corridor must also ensure an always good presentation in terms of clothing and personal presentation.

The Real Estate Brokerage profession is an experience full of humanism. Finding a satisfied customer in a supermarket, for example, who greet you with great joy and affection for having helped you buy your house, are part of the rewards that this great work offers. Our goal must be that each client ends up being a friend; what even has to favor the Professional Brokers with new businesses, either by this same client, or by references. .

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